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Why a caravan holiday is the perfect way to spend time with your family

A classic UK caravan holiday is about many things - the beach, the entertainment, the days out around a new area, but most of all it's a way to spend lots of wonderful unplugged time with your family.

Many families take the chance to limit their usual screen time and instead spend time playing board games, chatting, swimming, or going to shows together at the entertainment complex. A caravan holiday gives you the chance to break out of your normal routine and reconnect.

Living in close quarters means spending more time together, especially with teenagers who are usually locked up in their rooms. This encourages more communication and shared responsibility, for example walking to the local shop to get some food rather than the parents doing this themselves as usual.

You also tend to spend more time outdoors wandering around the campsite, hiring bikes, and walking to the beach, which as we all know is good for refreshing the mind after a year of hard work.

If you want to take the chance this Spring to reconnect with your family, why not book a classic caravan holiday? We have a modern, fully renovated caravan in Haven Cleethorpes Beach. More info here:


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